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- The machine is 6ft x 6ft x 6’-4 inches high.
- The weight is 4000 lbs.

- 50hp main motor
- 12 inch arbor
- The SCM Multiblade M3 Rip Saw with 50hp main motor.
is a heavy-duty feed track that ensures any vibrations in the machining process are absorbed away from the workpiece.
- This multi rip saw is made with a cast-iron monobloc base, low friction slideways, automatic lubrication of feed tracks, a feed track made of cast iron spheroidal links with direct joints and a shaft sleeve.
- This quality M3 saw is a solid and reliable product that makes no sacrifices in functionality whilst keeping a simple and compact design.
- max. width of blade pack 12 inch.
– width of feed track 12 inch.
– max. blade diam. 13-3/4 inch.
– min. cutting length 10 inch
– diam. of sawblade sleeve (blade bore) 2.-3/4 inch
– blade rotation speed 4200rpm
– feed speed of continuously adjustable 6 – 48m/min
– height of worktable from floor 750mm
– distance base to first blade on right 220mm
– worktable dimensions 1530 x 750mm
– Includes upgraded motor 50hp. (standard is 35hp)


- Includes 2 sets of 4 blades and spacers


Used up until recently to process hardwood rough sawn timber into specific widths.


It's the responsibility of the buyer to uplift machine from current location (G334DR).  Although we will try and accomodate most reasonable requests.


**Note that picture one is a stock image.  However our machine is currently disconnected and ready for shipment.

SCM M3 Multi-Rip Saw

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