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- Edgebander Holzher 2498-19, model Triathlon 240.
- Edge strip thickness: 0.4 to 25 mm.
- Maximum strip height: 66 mm.
- Tape length 200 mm.
- Maximum edge height increase: up to 3 mm.
- Workpiece thickness: 6 to 60 mm.
- Speed of passing through the machine: 20 m / min.
- Edgebander Holzher 2498-19, is a German machine.
- Minimum width: 60 mm.
- Minimum workpiece length: 140 mm.
- Maximum working length (60 mm thick): 6000 mm.
(with a smaller workpiece thickness longer lengths are possible),
- A deduster is required that provides 2000 – 3000 m3 / hour of air.
- Air injection nozzle: minimum 20 m / sec.
- Shaft diameter for tool: ø 160 mm.
- Cutter shaft: ø 125 mm.


The machine works in it's current form, however has been in storage for a few years so we would advise a service and replacement of some minor parts before operating.  We have a contact who has serviced all our machines for the last 30 years.


It's the responsibility of the buyer to uplift machine from current location (G334DR).  Although we will try and accomodate most reasonable requests.


**Our machine is currently disconnected and ready for shipment.

Holzher Triathlon 240 Edge Bander

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